2 thoughts on “Where to find My Leash on Life

  1. Hi, Melanie. Thanks for writing. Yes, I have a column in the Register related to education. I’d be delighted to do a book talk or reading at the school. A friend who teaches 5th grade in Pennsylvania read the book to her students and reports they ate it up. It does have the word “damn” a few times! I will call and leave a message for you at school. Would love to chat sometime.


  2. This is so neat! I just found your book at Community Projects! Yes, I live in Napa and recognized your name. Didn’t you have an organizing column in the Napa Valley Register? I am a librarian for St. John the Baptist Catholic School in downtown Napa. It would be awesome to have you speak here someday… like maybe after Christmas?! The copy I bought (for fifty cents half price!) is addressed “To the three cute musketeers from Foxy – Enjoy!” I can’t wait to read it: I would love to have my ducks and rabbits write a book! P.S. My phone # at the school is 707/224-8388 X115.


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