A Walk in the Dark

eye in the dark

On these hot  nights Ellie often takes me for a walk in the dark. I hear her murmuring about how lovely the air is, as she walks along in her short pants and tee shirt. Hey, you’re not wearing a fur coat, lady. So I huff and puff and pant my way down the street.

Night walks are great for sniffing and listening to all the critters peeping and cheeping, but I can’t see much. In the light I can always see the dog on the other side of the street, but in case you didn’t know, I don’t see much that’s right in front of my nose. Well, unless it’s moving, like when Ellie throws treats on the floor.

So at night I have to find my way by sniffing. Of course my wonderful human comes to the rescue with her little flashlight, which she points at the ground in front of me. It helps me find my way down the steps from the front door, across the grass and down the sidewalk.

So we walk along, Ellie murmuring, me sniffing, licking the best spots, jumping on the cool grass, and following the bouncing light down the street. Happiness.

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