What’s Next?

This blog will remain, as new people find it all the time. Shall I create a book from the blog, to complete Foxy’s story in hard copy? Will I get another dog and start a new writing adventure? Only time will tell. I’m never sure when the next chapter of my life is beginning and it is time to move on to new things.

Foxy is buried at Bubbling Well, the most amazing pet cemetery in Napa, CA. If you haven’t seen the 1978 documentary, “Gates of Heaven,” it’s worth checking out on Netflix. The same family still runs the cemetery. Or see the website, www.bubbling-well.com

The inscription for Foxy’s grave:

I rescued you

And you rescued me

We tamed each other

And you remain to me

Unique in all the world.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for your condolences. Any advice?

2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Very beautiful inscription! Happy Labor Day Lenore! Hope you are doing well. Sniffle , sniffle. Foxy was indeed a unique and special dog/friend! Love to you! Big big hug! Your friend Maria😘❣🌻🐶

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